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Day of:

What We do & When.

B Kohr Designs creates timelines for you, your family, and the wedding vendors. We sit down with you about a month ahead of time to discuss exactly how you want your day to flow.

All on the Same Page.

We created a timeline, now let's put it to good use! One week before your wedding, we will call/email each of your vendors to see if they have any questions about arrival times, directions, etc. B Kohr Designs will be their main contact the day of your event.

Practice, Practice, Practice​!

​B Kohr Designs will attend your rehearsal to make sure the wedding party knows exactly what they need to do on your wedding day. We collect all of your necessary items {unity candles, programs, sign in book...etc.} on rehearsal night, so you can rest easy knowing we've got it taken care of on your big day.

The Big Day.

Our team will arrive two hours before the ceremony starts. We will greet all the vendors as they arrive, and help to answer any questions they might have to make sure everything is set up just the way you pictured.

Ceremony is Ready, Set, GO!

After greeting the vendors, B Kohr Designs will set up ceremony items {unity candles, programs, sign in book...etc.} just the way you want, beautiful!

What About Your Family?

We will greet grandparents, parents, groomsman, and guest book attendant to make sure they all have their corsages and boutonnieres. As well as to show everyone where they need to be for the ceremony.

Let Me Escort You to Your Seat.

On your wedding day everyone likes a little direction, so B Kohr Designs will give your ushers instructions on who gets seated and where. We will also give them guidance on reserving rows for family and making sure seats are filled evenly.



Is It Time to Start the Show?

Don't worry, B Kohr Designs will be there to guide you every step of the way. From letting your guests know when they can take their seats to getting everyone in place and cuing the music for your entrance.

Walk Down the Isle.

B Kohr Designs will guide your guests through the receiving line, bubbles, bird seed, carriage ride...whatever you want. We will make sure all your guests get their items and line up after the ceremony for the B&G celebrated exit. We will then help to direct bridal party and family where to go for pictures and guide guests to cocktail hour.

We Can do That!

After the ceremony our team will gather all the ceremonial items and place them around the reception area for your guests to look at or if they missed picking up a program, or signing the guest book...the still can!

Where is Uncle Bill?

We will help to gather bridal party and family members to where the photographer is shooting so you can get all the wedding shots you want, and rest assured no one is missing.

Check the Details.

Our team will arrive to the reception area and check all the details to make sure they are correct. Is the cake in the right place? How does the candy table look? We will make sure everything looks the way you envisioned it always would.

Is Everyone on the Same Page?

We then check  with all of the vendors; caterer, DJ/band, & site coordinator to make sure we all have the same order of events. If there are any changes we make sure everyone is informed of any last minute changes.

It's Time to Party!

B Kohr Designs will gather bridal party and parents to line up in the correct order for announcements into the reception -- During that time if your dress needs bussled, we will surely take care of that. 

Eat, Drink, and Be Married!

During the first 2 hours of your reception B Kohr Designs will orchestrate all special events. This includes first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, as well as any other events you have planned.

Guardian Angel.

We are here throughout the day to troubleshoot any problems that may come up. We work with all of the wedding vendors so everyone is on the same page.

Emergency Kit.

Sometimes the day calls for a little fix=we have a supply of band aids, tissues, sunblock, bug spray, and of course bobby pins!! Plus so much more...

Who Needs to be Paid.

Some vendors get paid the day of the event and you are busy taking pictures, dancing, having fun, etc. -- Let B Kohr Designs distribute all final payments and gratuities to all vendors on your wedding day.

Thats What We are Here For.

We offer unlimited emails, texts, telephone correspondence {9am-7pm} throughout your entire planning process. When you need to talk to someone and your friends are sick of hearing wedding talk, don't hesitate to call us! We do this for a living and welcome all questions and concerns!

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